Indeed parish nursing is a calling. Most likely a strong belief system, and a higher power are a significant part of your being. Prayer: for the purpose of worshipping, requesting guidance, requesting assistance, confessing sins to express one’s thoughts and emotions is likely a part of your daily routine. Whether you pray for personal benefits or for the sake of others, prayer is a valuable tool in nurturing ones spirituality.

Sample Prayers

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Jewish blessing for health and healing
Modern transliteration

As those who came before us were blessed in the presence of their communities that sustained them, so we offer our blessings for those among us needing support. May their spirits be calmed and their pain be eased, may they receive comfort from those who care for them, and may they drink from the waters of the ever-giving well. And let us say: amen.
Marcia Falk, The Book of Blessings

Prayers from the Islamic tradition
Prayer on Bearing Difficulty, from the Qur’an

On no soul does God place a burden greater than it can bear. Each gets every good that it earns and suffers every ill that it earns. Pray: Our Lord, Condemn us not if we are heedless or fall into error. Our lord, Lay not on us a burden like that which you did lay on those before us. Our lord, Lay not on us a burden greater than we have the strength to bear. Blot out our sins and grant us our forgiveness. Have mercy on us, you who are out Protector. (Qur’an 2:286)

Buddhist prayer for the parish nurse
Gladly do I rejoice in the virtue that relieves the suffering of all those in unfortunate states, the virtue that settles them in happiness.

With gladness, I rejoice in the life-nurturing ocean of Awaking Mind that makes all beings happy, and the deeds that bring them benefit.

I entreat with folded hands the Enlightened Victorious Ones yearning to depart this world to kindly remain for countless ages and not to leave the world in darkness.

Likewise by the virtue gathered by my deeds, may the pain of every living creature be completely alleviated.

May I be the physician and the medicine, and may I be the nurse for all the sick beings in the world until everyone is healed.

May a rain of food and drink fall to clear away the pain of thirst and hunger, and during the aeon of famine, may I myself become food and drink.

May I become an inexhaustible treasure for the poor and destitute. May I become all things they might need and may these be placed close beside them…

There I will do only deeds that do not cause them any harm, and when anyone encounters me, may it never be meaningless to him or her.

If in someone who encounters me either a positive or an angry thought arises, may that eternally become the source of fulfillment of all he or she wishes.

May I be a protector for those who have none, a guide for travelers on the way, may I be a bridge, a boat and a ship for all who wish to cross the water (of life’s expanse)

May I be an island for those who seek one and a lamp for those desiring light, may I be a bed for all who seek rest and a servant for all who need assistance.

May I be a wishing jewel, a fortunate vessel, powerful mantras, and potent medicine, may I become many wish-fulfilling trees and a source of plenty in the world.

Just like the great elements of earth (water, fire, air) and space, may I always support the life of all the innumerable creatures.

And until they pass away from pain, may I also be a source of life for all the realms of varied beings that reach unto the ends of space.

So for the sake of all that lives do I seek to birth the Awakening Mind and likewise shall I too follow the discipline of the successive steps to attain it.

The Awakening Mind is the universal bridge that frees the world from unhappy states, it is the dawning moon of the mind that dispels the torment of unsettling thoughts and emotions.

The Awakening Mind is the supreme medicine that heals the world’s disease, it is the tree that shelters all beings wandering and tired on the path of conditioned existence.