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Founding Member of PNMNY, Inc. selected by the ANCC

Ann Marie MacIsaac MAPM, MSN, APRN, BS has been selected, as 1 of 10, to serve on an ANCC Content Expert Panel. She will assist in setting the Standards for the ANCC Faith Community Nursing specialty certification by Portfolio. Read More

Our Mission

Parish Nurse Ministries of New York, Inc. is an expanding network of nurses striving to identify, certify, and broaden within New York State, with an emphasis on establishing, developing, supporting, and promoting Faith Community Nursing (Parish Nursing) within New York Communities.
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Becoming A Member

Membership to the Parish Nurse Ministries of NY, Inc. is open to registered nurses of all denominations and all faiths.  The Basic Parish Nurse Training program does not need to have been completed before joining.  If you are an RN with an interest in: learning more about how to integrate faith and health; networking with parish nursing; organizing a wellness ministry program within a faith community…. Read More