Our Mission

Parish Nurse Ministries of New York, Inc. is an expanding network of nurses striving to identify, certify, and broaden within New York State, with an emphasis on establishing, developing, supporting, and promoting Faith Community Nursing/Parish Nursing within New York Communities. To establish this goal the organization will focus on:

  • Educating Registered Professional Nurses by utilizing a program developed by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. This program will prepare Registered Professional Nurses to address the needs of their faith communities; fully prepared to assume their role as Faith Community Nurses/Parish Nurses. Conferences, seminars, workshops, newsletters, and brochures are offered to the Faith Community Nurses/Parish Nurses to keep them current on changes in this ministry.

  • Educating Communities about Faith Community Nursing/Parish Nursing and increasing the awareness of how to access and utilize services provided by Faith Community Nurses/Parish Nurses. Faith Community Nurses/Parish Nurses also educate communities about the importance of spirituality and the significant impact it has on one’s health and wellness.

  • Supporting Faith Community Nurses/Parish Nurses by providing a collegial environment and a supportive forum for nurses of all faiths.

  • Establishing a Communication Network that emphasizes the important influence spirituality has on every aspect of life, and how it lends stability and serenity to the individual committed to the role of Faith Community Nursing/Parish Nursing.

  • Identifying, Obtaining, and Disseminating Resource Material to Faith Community Nurses/Parish Nurses and faith communities interested in establishing a Faith Community Nurse Ministry.