2023 Spring Retreat at Stella Niagara

PNMNY, Inc. Spiritual Coordinator, Carol Mathner led a well-received retreat for “Stress Relief”. The theme was based on the verse from Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

A Friday evening prayer and scripture study were led by Carol. Carol and others shared well-loved verses and they were discussed. Some verses were read with different Bible translations.
Saturday morning more retreatants arrived, and we all met in the Stella Niagara conference room. Our first activity of the day was an opening prayer and a Remembrance to the Victims of 5/14. Other morning activities included chair exercises, *Mindful Living practice, and a scavenger hunt, nature, and/ or labyrinth walk. The weather was lovely and sunny, making the outdoor activity very enjoyable and relaxing.
A delicious lunch was served in the dining room followed by a painting or coloring opportunity back in the conference room. At 2 pm Sat., a drum circle was presented by Carolyn Zimmerman. We each chose a drum and Carolyn Z. led us in the creation of a communal expression of music and rhythms. It was both a wonderful and spiritual experience.
We all left feeling more relaxed and thankful for the time spent. Thank you to Carol Mathner for the time and effort spent planning, teaching, and leading the retreat. We also thank the Parish Nurse Ministry Executive board for their sponsorship of this “Event”.
Article was written by member and retreat attendee, Lois Tripp
*Resource for Mindful Practice was Mindfulness, A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt