Congratulations Faith Community Nurses!

The following six candidates completed the Foundation of Faith Community Nursing course this past Saturday, October 19th. They were awarded their certificates and pins at the Chapel of the Catholic Health ARTC building, in Buffalo, New York. The ceremony was enjoyed by several current FCN, family, and the Foundations in Faith Community Nursing Faculty.

A special thank you to the Faculty Yvonne Askew, Lucinda Phillips, Deborah Coplin-Hall, Loralee Sessanna, and Sherry Pomeroy for a job very well done!

Congratulations and may God Bless the Faith Community Nurse Ministries of MaryAnne Clayback, Mary McGovern, Lisa Nemmer, Claudette Davis, Elizabeth Stobb-Mourer, and Carol Ahrens.

Faith Community Nurse Class of October 2019