Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course Graduates & Nurses

Spring 2023

Catholic Health’s Faith Community Nursing (FCN) Program in partnership with Parish Nurse Ministries of New York, Inc., is pleased to congratulate our newest Faith Community Nurse graduates; Diane Cox of Batavia, NY, Kathleen Kovacs of Grand Island, NY., Maryetta DuBois of Buffalo, NY., and LaChenelle McClain of Niagara Falls, NY., bringing new hope and care to their respective faith communities.

The virtual commissioning ceremony was a heartwarming event, celebrating the achievements of the graduating class. It was a momentous occasion for the graduates, who had worked hard to complete the rigorous five-weekend coursework and meet the requirements of the program.

Faith Community Nursing is a specialized field of nursing practice that focuses on the holistic care of individuals/groups within communities of faith and assisting in the overall health of the surrounding population. FCNs provide education and support to those who are struggling with spiritual, physical, and emotional health issues.

The FCN training program equips the nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to serve their communities of faith. The program covers topics such as spiritual care, health promotion, disease prevention, and community outreach. The training also includes experiential exercises, which help the nurses develop skills in providing care to individuals and groups within a religious/spiritual environment.

The virtual ceremony was attended by family members, friends, and colleagues of the graduates, marking the end of their training and the beginning of service to their communities. It also served as a reminder to our seasoned Faith Community Nurses of the importance of the practice in promoting health and wellbeing within their communities of faith and served as a testament to the dedication, love, compassion, commitment, and excellence which the graduates will serve their communities.

We offer Thanksgiving and Praise for the
“Foundations of Faith Community Nursing” presenters:

Rev. Loretta Lewis-Brooks

Candyce Vana Ingwersen, Esq
Legal Issues

Lucinda Phillips, MSN, RN, Faith Community Nurse
Assessment & Accessing Resources
Loss, Suffering and Grief
Advocacy, Care Coordination & Transitional Care

Sherry Pomeroy, PhD, Faith Community Nurse
Communication and Collaboration
Health Promotion

Loralee Sessanna, PhD, Faith Community Nurse
Health, Healing & Whole-Person Health
Spiritual Care
Behavioral Health

Yvonne Askew MSN Ed., RN-BC Faith Community Nurse
The “WHY?” of Faith Community Nursing
History & Philosophy of FCN
Ethical Issues
Documenting Practice
Beginning Your Ministry